As the dad of 8 kids and an avid game player, games are a part of our lives. With 10 people running around the house, however, playing a 90-minute game wasn’t always possible.

After finishing dinner one night and having 30 minutes left before bedtime, we were frustrated that there were no games we could play and still get kids to bed on time. With a dearth of short, family-friendly games out there, we decided to do the next best thing – make our own game.

The prototype for the game was shared with friends, family, random strangers and unpaid professionals. We got big ideas and eventually the game made its way to the Kickstarter scene. We were delighted when the campaign was funded and the journey into the world of board games was set in motion.

To read the manual from the original version of the game, click here.

Project details

  • Date : September 2014
  • Client : Chapter Three Games
  • Client url :
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