One day I was talking to my mom and mentioned I had a stomach ache. Like most mothers, she insisted I go to the doctor’s, the ER, and do it by Life Flight if possible. I disingenuously promised I’d get it looked at and didn’t think anything of it…

…until she called the next day to see what the doctor had said. I told her they ran a bunch of tests and did an MRI and found a gerbil. She didn’t believe me (like most rational folks wouldn’t). I told her they were emailing me the image and I’d send it to her.

So, naturally, I opened up Photoshop, got gerbil and MRI images and created the proof of my malady. I sent it to her and she did what she was supposed to do – she freaked out. She called, texted, called my wife and I’m sure was preparing to book a flight up here when I told her it was a gag.


She still wanted to book that flight to come see me…but now it was to throttle me. Ha!

Project details

  • Date : December 2016
  • Client : Mom
  • Categories : Practical Joking
This is Bryun Lemon.