As a father of eight (!) kids, we’re always looking for ways to motivate all the little Lemons. In order to stay true to section IV, article 129 (cheapskating) of the Father’s Code of Conduct, I didn’t want to use real money for allowances, chores, etc. The next best thing? Happy Bucks!

What’s a ‘Happy Buck’? Good question, anonymous reader! A Happy Buck is the monetary unit used in the Lemon household. If the kids want to go to a movie, borrow the car, get some ice cream, stay up past bedtime or buy something at the Daddy Store (sweets and trinkets we have for sale), they use Happy Bucks. They even use them to pay each other to opt out of dish jobs and such!)

After doing these for our own house, we had several families ask for money unique to their own families. I, of course, am not in the business of making money…no, wait…I am in the business of making money. If you want some Happy Bucks customized to YOUR family or group, contact me!

Project details

  • Date : July 2016
  • Client : Lemon Family
  • Client url :
This is Bryun Lemon.